Making a Difference™

July 30th, 2010 / No Comments » / by Joshua

30th July. I didn’t think it’d come this fast.  Two years in the company, I think I picked up pretty much. Had my fair share of  life ups and downs. Faced quarter-life crisis a lil’ earlier than people of my age. But it might not be a bad thing after all, since I’m on my way down to mid-life crisis sooner than anyone else.

Roads in life diverge. Sometimes into two, three, or more. Some routes might appear to have been less traveled . But that doesn’t make me afraid. I don’t believe in fate. That’s what I tell everyone. I believe in making choices, sticking to it. And playing your best with the hand that you’ve been dealt with. That’s all that matters. That’s making a difference.

Life is a hella game, only one that you can’t stop. You meet teams that you have to compete with, and you just can’t say no. Sometimes you fall. Why? Just to learn to pick yourself up and continue fighting. Sometimes you lose. Why? Just to know it takes more than a fight to win a game. It’s that courage to continue, that makes the difference in every game.

Whether you choose to board an ark made by amateurs, or board the Titanic made by professionals-Anonymous, make your decision, and stick to your choice.

Wake your dreams, or step into reality. Whether you go for your dreams or decide to play the best game ever, make that difference.

I wanna extend my gratitude to Jean. Who reminded me, that even in the darkest of time, I could be happy. And it’s just a flick of a switch. You just got to keep searching for that switch.

You made me think I’m happy. I thought I was. But now I know I am.


July 15th, 2010 / No Comments » / by Joshua

When I heard the news today,  I closed my eyes and began to pray. Oh how quickly, he can take a life and hold it back into his hands. Oh how quickly, he can actually make lives turn around in an instant.

I took a deep breathe, and told him to let me be the man I have to be. To show love, to show everything, before it feels like for ever.

Rest in peace my dear friend.

Star Search 才华横溢出新秀 2010!

July 15th, 2010 / No Comments » / by dasmond

Be there!!!


July 15th, 2010 / No Comments » / by Joshua

Sometimes when I drive, I know where the next road leads me to. Sometimes I just spin around in circles, and find a road to nowhere. Sometimes I tell myself I still believe. I still believe that there’s something left for me. Sometimes I lose my mind second guessing every thought. That something inside is already gone.

Sometimes I try to save myself, but it seems that I’ll just lose you. Sometimes when I try to reach for you, it just seems that there’s no one to hold on to.

I went to see my mom today. Because I know she’s the only one who’ll still wrap her hands around me when all else fails for me. Then it hit me. Who else would?

Sometimes I think I’ve seen my fair share of life’s up and down, or how quickly life can actually turn around in an instant. I guess it’s just a judgement on us all.

Sometimes I wish I was a Daffodil that never bloomed.

Star Searching again… KL….

July 5th, 2010 / No Comments » / by dasmond

Gonna be leaving again… for Star Searching… This round, KL, Malaysia. Seems like there’s tons of stuff waiting for me to settle, but no time… ~ yeap, in progress, the book that I talked about a while ago, hopefully I can launch it as a Christmas gift maybe… ~ house is still under renovation ( [...]

It’s about time :)

July 3rd, 2010 / No Comments » / by dasmond When I was much younger, around 17, I was very lucky to be given a chance to run a tuition centre. I was very much involve in the whole setting up, and watching it grow for one good year. Till today, I still receive FB messages from the kids ( now of course grown [...]

Thank you!

July 3rd, 2010 / No Comments » / by dasmond ADEX 2010! Thank you all

ADEX 2010

July 3rd, 2010 / No Comments » / by dasmond

Yeap, for the first time, I’ll be appearing as a Diver… haha! ADEX 2010 will be held at SUNTEX Hall 402. I was invited by Amazing Dive for a special appearance on Sat, 10th April, 3pm… Join me if you are free There will be a lot of promotions going on, and of course, Lucky [...]

三人行 必有我师

July 3rd, 2010 / No Comments » / by dasmond 前阵子的早报专访,你看了吗?:) 迷路兵Sam 所做的翻译,赞吧?哈哈! Quan Yi Fong, Dasmond Koh and Vincent Ng starts learning CAMP, to create an exciting and conducive environment to learn Chinese Ah Jie Quan Yi Fong laments youths in school do not like mandarin. She, together with close friend Dasmond and former Mediacorp artiste Vincent Ng decide to start ‘Wen Fang’, [...]


July 3rd, 2010 / No Comments » / by dasmond I’m back from Shanghai Star Search!…. Last Saturday was a Super~ long day… Woke up around 10plus in the morning, reach Pudong Airport at 9 plus at night to catch my midnight flight ( which we happen to bump into the whole group of 我的导游是明星 ). Thought I could sleep on board during the [...]